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steel PEI sheet on

magnetic Glass

compatible with Bambu X1C, X1 and P1P

The Plate you've been waiting for.

Compatible with Bambu X1, X1C and P1P



GoodPlate compensates warped bed issues and bad adhesion problems due to high surface tension of warped beds. Its dimensions perfectly fits for Bambu X1C, X1 and P1P models and guarantee perfectly flat 1st layers.

GoodPlate Kit - Glasbed with magnetic surface for steel based PEI sheets

optimized for Bambu X1C, X1, P1P
mitigates warped bed and bad adhesion issues

Price includes:

- 1x   GoodPlate - Glassbed
- 1x   Set of Self-adhesive magnetic Foils
- 1x   Set of Heat-resistent mounting Clips for P1P (3x pieces)*
- 1x   Set of Heat-resistent mounting Clips for X1 (4x pieces)*
- 1x   Shipping (choose Germany, EU or USA/UK)

*consider gluing your GoodPlate with pea sized amount of (bath) silicon. See instructions section

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NOTE: This product is manufactured by hand and without fulfilling any industrial grades. Only purpose of GoodPlate is a quick temporary fix. The manufacturer of GoodPlate won't take any responsibility for the quick-fix solution "GoodPlate". Order only if you understand the risks and agree that the manufacturer of GoodPlate will not accept any responsibility.


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